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Default Re: GTX260 + Westinghouse LM2410NM

Ah, missed that, maybe the nvidia-bug-report should check if startx has had the correct loglevel used :-)

Here's the logverbose 6 bugreport...

Yes, the problem still persists. The image quality has been consistently poor since the first driver i tried a few months ago. Only the GPL nv driver gives me good image quality.

The earlier hint of possibly using the wrong refresh rate for my monitor doesn't seem to be it, as nvidia settings gives:
nvidia-settings -q RefreshRate

  Attribute 'RefreshRate' (atilla:0.0; display device: DFP-1): 59.95 Hz.    
    'RefreshRate' is an integer attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is a read-only attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is display device specific.
    'RefreshRate' can use the following target types: X Screen, GPU.
60Hz is the refresh rate given in the Westinghouse documentation, I assume 59.95 is close enough?

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