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Default Re: BusID "1:0:0" what is it?

Originally posted by gianiaz
Hi, I want to configure my nvidia ge force 4 for dysplay on 2 videos, one pc monitor and one tv.
Until now I used the Twinview mode and the option
BusID "1:0:0" wasn't neccessary.

Now I don't want to use the twinview mode but i want 2 different screen.
Now this opiotion is necessary?
How do I get the info of my busid?

Thank you

I've attached the XF86Config-4 I'm using right now.
Ok, the BusID isn't really that important for a desktop motherboard which usually has one bus besides the memory bus, the agp bus would be 1 as the memory bus is 0, the card in the agp slot would be 0 and the first chip on the card would be 0 hence 1:0:0...

If am not sure what you mean, twinview can be set up so that your actually view is divided on two monitors, if you are trying to achieve that, you will not have to worry about the busid... only about the drivers...

As always the more functions you use on the nvidia drivers, the worse they suck...

If you are adding a second card, then you might have to worry about the busid, which would be 1:1:0 for a second card (yes, the agp and the pci belongs to the same bus)...

Does any of this make sense to you? or am i just complicating things?
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