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Originally posted by OMK
Attached is a zip file with a *tiny* DX8 program (NVBlinky.exe) that shows
the flickering problem (at least on my setup and one other persons setup).
It should be useful for quickly verifying if you have the problem or if anything that you do fixes the problem.

It is most effective when run on an analog monitor.

A VC++ 6 project with the source is included for the curious and the suspicious among you. Compilation requires the DX8 SDK. All the program
does is draw a set of points whose geometry is updated 10 times a second.

let me know how it works for you.

Thanks A Million OMK, I've been waiting for you to post this app since you first mentioned it (on another forums somewhere in a galaxy far, far away... )

My brother now can see the Flicker that I asked him if he can see before and now he can see it. I then switched back to a game (Medal Of Honor) and he then started to notice it. Now at least some people wont think I'm seeing things
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