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Cool 16000 on 3D Mark 2005 via AGP proves that there was never a need for PCI-E 1.0

I always knew, when refusing to downgrade to PCI-E, as all the people made fun of me, that I was in fact, remaining loyal to the superior graphics interface. I am still amazed though that I am getting nearly 16000 on my supposedly ancient interface. As I looked back in the 3d Mark 2005 thread, I noticed that many who chose to downgrade to PCI-E, weren't getting anything close to 16000 through the entire 7000 series PCI-E generation, and only matching my performance with the 8000 series PCI-E generation.

With PCI-E 2.0, now I'm sure you all will claim PCI-E is superior to AGP, but I bet in a couple of years, if a few HEROIC companies continue to remain loyal to AGP, they'll probably have a card that will match the current GTX260 & 280 PCI-E cards 3d Mark 2006 benchmarks, and AGP supported by Carl AS ROCK Weather and E7200 Core Duo (French), will again be shown to be the superior graphics interface.
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