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Greg Lehey
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Default Will this config work?

I'm currently plannning to upgrade my multi-head FreeBSD system (see, and I'm thinking of using two GeForce 9400
GT or 9500 GT based PCIe boards with dual DVI outputs and an old MX
4000 PCI card to drive a total of five VGA monitors. After some
searching, I have a couple of questions:

- Are there compatibility problems between the 9400/9500 and the MX
4000? If anybody's interested, the X log is at It currently shows two
such cards, a PCI and an AGP card.

- Is there any reason to prefer the 9400 over the 9500 or vice-versa?

- Are there any board manufacturers I should steer clear of?

- Are there any known issues in the configuration I'm thinking about?

- One of the boards I'm looking at (Inno3D GF 9400GT) appears to have
a DVI connector and a VGA connector. Presumably (they're not saying
until I buy) the DVI connector carries output for both heads. Are
there any issues with an adaptor to a VGA connector for one of these

- Am I even understanding the claims correctly? I see that there are
boards advertised as "2xDual link DVI". Is this an error on the
part of the catalogue writer, or is "dual link" not the same thing
as "dual monitor"?

- Are there any issues running these cards in a motherboard with an
AMD 790X chip set? I'm not interested in SLI.

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