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Default Received a "Brand new" Logitech Harmony 880

I was in the market for a new universal remote after my 2 year old poured milk over my logitech 550. I saw this seller with 100% feedback selling a brand new one for 100 bucks and combined with the Live cashback it comes to 70 + shipping. The seller shipped it awesomely fast too. 2 days after the auction, I had the remote in my hands. So I go ahead and open it up. First thing I noticed, the seals were broken. First warning signs. Opening the box, the plastic container that houses the remote was missing pins that would hold it together. Remote was missing the plastic screen protector sticker that comes standard on all logitech products. Anyway the remote itself looked unused and the other accessories were all sealed and unused. So I put in the battery and theres no charge. So I put it on the charging cradle and it turns on and I see activities already on it. I believe a new remote comes with no activities(right???).

Mighty skeptical now, I connect to my pc thru usb and fire up the harmony software. I select replace remote. It tries to connect and pops up with a warning.

"This remote has been replaced under warranty and has been disabled by logitech." I immediately called up Harmony support and they said basically the same thing. Somebody tried to push me a dud remote after getting a replacement from logitech.

I emailed the seller and no response from him. growing impatient I opened a dispute on paypal. Yesterday morning I checked paypal and the guy has refunded my money back. His explanation was "I received this from another guy on Ebay and never checked it. Please dispose of it" That sounds kinda lame!

So anybody wants a dud remote for their remote collection or something???
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