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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

I have been playing this game since closed beta and currently we are rolled on Irionfist probably one of the better balanced servers out there. Myself and whole bunch of co-workers play Order we have quite a big guild going and queue times for the scenerios are very fast I am currently rank 27 and renown 25 all thru scenerios .

Actually our moto was to have fun and demoralize the Destruction so what we did we made our guild <Care Bears> and seriously we own in scenerios they must really hate us, lol. Wish you guys can come to our server I would love to invite you all

This is our guild heading...
<Care Bears> is looking for some team players to join our ranks. We are a mature albeit laid back guild looking for people with a great sense of humor who enjoy working as a cohesive unit. The Care Bears primary goal is to demoralize the Destruction players and their false sense of awesomeness by overwhelming them with outstanding teamwork.

We are looking for:

· People who know how to pick up the flag when it is dropped

· People who can play on weekends and weekday evenings

· People who understand the importance of teamwork

· People who are friendly, sarcastic, and witty

· Healers that can heal other people, not just themselves

· Tanks who can guard in defense just as well as they can push forward in offense

· Casters who won’t run into the middle of melee just to do one pulse of AoE

What we are not looking for:
· Rambo / Chuck Norris players who think it is awesome to run off and get solo kills

· People who take the game too seriously…after all we are the <Care Bears>

If you are interested in joining the <Care Bears> in our plot to take over the world, contact: Lovealotbear, Lovealot, Funshinebear, Funshine, or Fades.
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