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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Spent about 2 hours This weekend taking over two keeps and I have some MAJOR complaints.

My first complain is line of sight issues. I am sick of having one engie putting up a turret in a wall and it shoot everyone and thus protecting the gate so you cannot use the ram. They really need to fix that. On the same issue I am sick of engies putting turrets in trees and cannons to hide them and so you cannot kill the turret. This exploit is cheap and needs to be fixed by Mythic. I sent off a bunch of feedbacks talking about this issue.

When people are up on the ramparts they can shoot you through parts of the ramparts but you cannot even target them let alone shoot them. That is friking annoying. Also AoE needs to be stopped from going under the main doors so bright wizards can't just AoE their happy asses and keep you from using the battering ram. The oil was put up top for a reason. This exploit needs to be fixed.

My final complaint is the main door respawn time needs to be extended greatly. If you don't have 20 people to take a keep you will never get in because 2 people on the other side can hold every one off with the mentioned exploits above.
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