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Default Re: 16000 on 3D Mark 2005 via AGP proves that there was never a need for PCI-E 1.0

Originally Posted by 3777 View Post
1: AGP supported by Carl AS Rock Weathers and 512 mb HD 3850 does indeed run Crysis flawlessly on 1024 x 768 resolution.

2: 3D Mark 2005 is the AGP of 3d Mark and regardless my AGP is currently DOMINATING PCI-E 7800, even with SLI, and is equal to most single card PCI-E 8800 generation solutions. Back when the 8800 PCI-E cards were first released you all were saying you had the superior product, but AGP has now proven this was not the case.

3: The only thing that matters is downstrean, and downstream AGP bus DOMINATES, the argument that there shouldn't be high end cards for AGP because AGP doesn't have the capability is as that English car guy always says, absolute rubbish! The HD 3850, Core 2 Duo (French) & Carl AS Rock Weathers offers full capability for AGP, and the real reason there are currently no HD 4870 cards is because the political & social elite of PCI-E are jealous of AGP and don't want it's superiority to show. That said, in a year or two there will be an AGP 4870 card and AGP will then be shown to be on par with the PCI-E GTX 260 & 280 generation.
wait til NVIDIA's CUDA takes hold and you cant use it because AGP doesnt have enough bandwidth. then come tell me downstream is all that matters.

second, youre running crysis at 1024x768. hell, my old 6800GT will probably run crysis at 800x600. doesnt mean it's good.

i am so glad that the hardware manufacturers are not as foolish and ignorant as you. they realize that change is for the best and adopt it. unlike you, who dwells in the past. tbh, im sure you fit into some sort of Freudian condition.
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