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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Picked up the game this weekend, rolled a Squig Herder on Hochland to start (nearly rank 11 & 9 renown). I must agree that Tier 1 is extremely boring RvR-wise. I honestly cannot wait till Tier 2 and to get my level up with my guildies (mostly high teens & mid-20's).

I like the PvP so far despite Destruction being way overpopulated. When I get the chance to actually shoot my bow I usually get top 3 in damage in scenarios. It does help to get a group that actually has tanks & healers (that heal), heh. I can't wait for higher level RvR keep battles though, not to mention the chance to sack Capital cities...ohhh man that's gonna be awesome. I had loads of fun in DAoC sieges and missed that when playing WoW.

- You tell your Squig to attack your target.
- You use ability: Yer bleedin'
- You use ability: What Blocka?
- You use ability: Plink
- You use ability: Plink
- You rinse and repeat.
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