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Default Re: GTX 260 wont clock past 702MHz clock core?

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post

Just unlocked the clock core/sharers to see how high i could get the the shader clock, right now its at 1404MHz, any higher and i get artifacts in furmark it also knocks my load temp from 84c that i get now to 91c with the shader clock at 1458MHz! .... looks like im stuck at 702/1404/1125.
91c? ouch! my 260 doesnt even get that high with my card at 260core 1534shader with the fan set at auto.

Try increasing your fan speed to around 75% using Riva Tuner. Also I would worry more about games artifacting than future mark, future mark will heat up your card and cause artififacts that you will never get in games.
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