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Default Re: 16000 on 3D Mark 2005 via AGP proves that there was never a need for PCI-E 1.0

Originally Posted by TrixteH View Post
C'mon lads, if i had feckall money to upgrade to current gen hardware i would argue that my 486DX2 is well upto the standards of todays computers.

Ok maybe i wouldn't.
Another MYTH, look at my components and you will see that I had the money to downgrade, but I CHOSE to remain loyal to AGP instead. Ill go so far as to say I could have gotten a PCI-E motherboard and higher end PCI-E ATI or Nvidia video card along with with Core 2 Duo (French) E7200 for the same price as Carl AS Rock Weathers and the superior AGP , but I chose AGP because it is clearly Old School superior.
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