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Default Re: Best gaming card for 250$

I just thought long and hard about the same thing. In the end, I spent $40 more than what you are looking at on a BFG OC 260. (currently $299 at Newegg). The negative is it's not a 216 chip 260.

For these reasons:
-I always have less driver problems with Nvidia cards, double true for older games (like say the original NWN, etc)
-896MB instead of 512MB
-Card is already Overclocked.
---2250MHz vs 1998MHz Memory
---655MHz vs 576Mhz Core
-Lifetime Warranty
-Trade Up Program *see below

Lifetime Warranty and Trade Up Program:

With BFG's Trade up program the catch is you only have 100 days to use it. But, you only have to pay the difference to trade up. If a really good 216 version 260 comes out in the next three months, I'll use the program for sure.
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