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Unhappy The same problem and a bad sollution


Well, I have an integrated nVidia geforce 4 mx on an Epox 8RGA+ card, an athlon xp 2800+ and 1,5 Gb Ram. I run a dualboot system with M$ XP and RedHat 9. (Formerly same problem with Mandrake 9.1...)

I have for some months tried all different recommended things to avoid X hanging on startup, but none of the tips I've found anywhere seem to help. Strange thing is, that also Windows freezes on the splash screen. My BIOS settings should be OK.

The only thing that helps, I found out, was to reduce the framebuffer size (within BIOS). So now I have 8 Mb video RAM (of possible 128...), and startup of both Windows and Linux is possible to go through without going insane... The problem has something to with the handling of video RAM, and I hope nVidia will do something to their drivers soon!

This "sollution" is bad and won't work on non-integrated cards of course. Has anybody found better solutions?
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