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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

Originally Posted by ryan29121 View Post
I'm in the market for a new card and I have noticed that today on Newegg they have a 9800 GX2 for $270. Before I saw this I was considering the GTX 260 and possibly the new 216 version of the 260. After looking at quite a bit of benchmarks, including the site listed below, it appears that the 9800 GX2 is a much better card for the same amount of money. Besides the fact that it consumes much more power than the 260 it out performs the 260 by a substantial margin. Would you say that the 9800 GX2 is the best card for under $300 at the moment? I do thank you in advance for your help. I apologize if a similar thread was posted earlier, since I do not post here much, I am unaware of what topics have already been brought up. Thanks for your help.

GX2 has microstutter. GTX 260 FTW easily.
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