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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
GTX 260 is no competition for 9800GX2. Even GTX 280 comes hardly close for most games.
Wrong wrong wrong. First of all bench marks do not tell the whole story, they dont show you that your min FPS will be much worse with the 9800GX2 and they also dont show you the clear benefits that the GTX 260 has over the stutter fest 9800GX2 due to the GTX 260's 448bit bus with 896mb of ram versus the 256bit bus with only 512mb of effective ram on the 9800GX2.

There are plenty of games today such as Example: Crysis and Oblivion with Quarls texture pack mod that will need more Vram than only 512mb if you game at a minimum of 1680X1050 and like to use AA with AF.

Peak FPS might be better at times with the 9800GX2 but your average FPS with the 260 will be much better and offer a much smoother gaming experience. Those times that you hit the ram limit with the 9800GX2 will make games run like crap compared to that of the GTX 260.

The only people that would tell you to take the 9800GX2 over the 260 are the ones who dont know any better.
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