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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Well, I am SLI user from 2x6800ULTRA times (through 2x7800, 2x7900, 1x8800), and current 9800GX2 is absolutely problem-free. Argument about memory si true, but I have not found any game (except Crysis) that I could not run maxed-out at 2560x1600. GTX 260 could NOT do that...
If your happy with your GX2 card then keep it, im not trying to talk you out of it as my replies are directed to the OP about which card he should get. Now for you to say that the 9800GX2 card is absolutely problem-free is absolutely absurd because the majority who have gone from the GX2 card to a 260 or 280 would beg to differ.

And again, you can post benchmarks showing that peak fps are better but it doesnt prove that the GX2 card is a better solution over a 260 or 280 because that simply isnt so, bench marks like the ones you posted do not show microstutter or the fact that the average and min FPS on that of a GX2 card is not as good as a 260 or 280.

And Im sorry but Crysis is not the only game that will cause memory issues for your card, go ahead and Install Quarls Texture pack mod for Oblivion and run it with 4XAA and 16XAF at 1680X1050 and tell me you still have enough Vram. Go ahead and run any UE3 engine based game with forced 4XAA 16XAF and tell me that you still have enough Vram.

My last card was a 512mb HD 4870 and all of those scenarios I just listed for you brought the card to its knees due to the Vram limit under the settings that I like to use. Hence why I purchased a GTX 260.

There are so many different post on different forums such as from users who got fed up with the GX2 due to inconsistency and stutter who upgraded to a 260 or 280 and have nothing but praises for how much smoother the gaming experience is with those cards vs the GX2.
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