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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

I have step-uped from GX2 to 280gtx. Very happy I did.

GX2 = microshutters (COD4 for example is just another game on 280GTX).

GX2 = 512mb of memory. Well, in my experience COH put it on its knees already at 1680x1050 (turn on some details and AA and the card gives you a slideshow).

GX2 = really low min fps in some games (maybe drivers have changed things around a bit). Screw higher average fps if the game sometimes deeps into some really low fps.

GX2 = higher power consumption.

1) no more dual gfx/sli for me for a while.
2) 280GTX > 260GTX > 9800GX2 in my book.
CPU: Q9450 @3.6GHz (lapped) Cooling: Scythe Zipang (lapped)
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