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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

Originally Posted by parasiteeve View Post
You will get much better consistent performance across the board with the powerful single gpu 260 solution.
That is simply not true :-) BioShock is one of those modern games, based on Unreal 3 engine, and look at its performance, 116FPS versus 69FPS is what 9800GX2 beast can do:

9800GX2 is still the fastest NVIDIA card on the market. It can play BioShock with 60FPS @ 2560x1600, while GTX 260 cannot.

GTX 260 is not a "new" technology, all NVIDIA cards launched within last 3 years, starting from 8800GTX, are based on same technology, supporting DX10.0, having same featureset. 8800GTX/GT, 9800GTX/GT, GTX 260/280, basically all are same core with slight variations (mostly in memory interface).

GTX 260 is a decent card, but its single core is about the same power as "old" 8800GTX. Just memory bus is improved. If you do not use FSAA (at 2560x1600 there is no need to), wider memory bus is not actually needed. I am running Oblivion with QTP3 w/ HDR easily.

GTX 260 *is* a good purchase if you intend to go SLI soon, but you need unstable NVIDIA boards for that. Most people choose Intel...

This is not black-and-white choice though.

9800GX2 - (much) more powerfull
GTX 260 - less powerfull, but also less power-hungry, upgradable to SLI, good overclocker

Driver support is not an issue, almost any game in existence has SLI profile. And if not, you can add one yourself.

GTX 260 is a good choice, but definitely not such a "beast" some owners are trying to describe It can be much slower for current games (than 9800GX2).

I would not step-"up" from 9800GX2 to GTX 260, as that would a downgrade. All 60 games I have would have lower FPS. In the future, this might change, but I want to play now, current games
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