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Default Re: 9800 GX2 or GTX 260?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Well, some people think "newer" cards must be better. Guess what, they are not :-) E.g. 9800GTX was slightly inferior to "old" 8800GTX, yet there are many people swearing on 9800GTX...
The 8800GTX had a slightly better bus and a bit more memory than the 9800GTX (no where near as drastic as the memory and bus difference between a 9800GX2 and a 260) but there were other factors that made the 9800GTX faster.

I had a 9800GTX which would do 850core 2100shader and 2400mem, I found the 9800GTX to be quite a bit faster than the 8800GTX at these speeds vs the 8800GTX's max OC.

Most 8800GTX's would be doing good to break 630core and 1600shader.
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