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Default Re: Options and Actions

Originally posted by geowiz
First, I'd like to say that it's good that Nvidia has provided network drivers for the Linux community.
Very well argued geowiz. Thanks.

To improve some other functions, I've switched to a 2.6 kernel, and that means I have to go without the NIC and soundsystem for now. This is absurd - high end hardware that's rendered incompatible with high end software because it has the only NIC or sound board in current production whose interface isn't openly specified.

I'm waiting to see what nVidia does to improve this. If they fix the problem soon I'll become their biggest fan. If not I'll be one of those people passing the word to avoid nforce products. I'd rather be the first guy - being positive is almost always more satisfying.

At the least, with the 2.6 kernel almost at official release, I hope they'll be quick in supporting it. If the interfaces were already publicly specified there's no doubt the 2.6 kernel would already support this hardware. Turning down free outside labor hardly seems feduciary. It's their free decision, but how do they explain to investors in the company that they're taking the course that requires them to maintain extra staff to do the work that otherwise would be done for free? This isn't just public relations; it's investor relations.
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