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Default Ati or Nvidia? Upgrade Advice

Hey guys,

Been out of the loop for a while, doing tons of research now trying to figure out what is the best for my system. What do you guys think is the top dawg right now? I'm thinking either 280, 260(sli) or 4870? I dont even think i can run SLI right, just crossfire? My games run great now, but looking to run crysis (of course lol) at 1680x1050 all very high settings.

here is my setup:

e6600 stock
8800 gts 640
asus p5k deluxe (can do crossfire)
corsair 620 psu
vista 32 bit
2 gb corsair 1066

Just read that article at anantech praising the 4870, i've never had anything but nvidia, so a bit weary...

Thanks so much for any input!
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