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Of course you see it in every game! Duh! It's a hardware problem. It's not game dependant... it's not a software problem and not a driver problem. Happens all the time in 3D mode... the only thing that varies is how noticeable it is, because of what a game displays. Its MOST noticeable on light background and especially when you move the mouse up and down. Well, the best way to see it is when looking at light blue STATIC image, and moving the mouse.... you don't want the image to move when you move the mouse. Look at a light blue or sky part of the image... the more static the image the better, and move the mouse up and down. I bet you EVERYONE will see it in this scenario. Or just load up Etherlords, go into Duel mode, and load the Red Desert level and look at the sky. It will strobe. Now move the mouse. It will strobe 2X worse! This test also has the advantage of not moving the picture when you move the mouse and thereby tricking your eye.
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