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Originally posted by The Baron
Make a batch file that says this:

ut2003.exe -nosound -640x480 -exec=blah.txt ini=MaxDetail.ini userini=MaxDetailUser.ini

blah.txt should say this:

demoplay mydemo.dem?timedemo

That SHOULD fix it. If it doesn't, you'll have to set something in UT2003.ini.

Also, you'll have to copy MaxDetail.ini and MaxDetailUser.ini from UT2003\Benchmark\Stuff to UT2003\System.

You won't need to use Fraps either--it'll run the test for your demo, and then dump you back to the main menu. Hit tilde, check the last line of the console for your framerate.

And, change 640x480 to whatever resolution you want.
Dear gods! Whatever happened to the one-click wonder benchmarking tool including with UT2003?!?

I really never liked UT2k3 that much (I LOVE UT, but the sequel didn't do it for me), so I don't play/bench it much...but I thought the benchmarking tool was a cool idea, it doesn't work that hot in reality or do companies "optimize" for it? (I haven't been following ALL the optimization threads. )
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