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Default Re: Decide the fate of my new GTX280...

Originally Posted by Beavermatic View Post

So today, here I stand, only 48 hours after receiving my GTX280, with another $600 in my hand to burn, and am debating whether to purchase a 4870x2, or another GTX280 to SLI (but I noted that even the GTX280 SLI still fails to oust the 4870x2 in some cases, if even slightly).
keep what you have. for few reasons

1) GTX 280 more and enough for 1680x1050
2) Single GPU systems are far less trouble then multi-gpu, no profiles to worry about, no performance lost in games that might not like multi-gpu solutions
3) save your money, new cards will be out sometime around Dec/January from the looks of it.
4) GTX 280 is cheaper then x2
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