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Default Re: PowerMizer configuration in NVIDIA Unix drivers

No this doesn't work. People have been spreading this wrong solution and it doesn't work for Ge 6150. Ge 6150 does not even support underclocking. I tried enabling Coolbits and it showed me the dummy page to change the settings.

But anyhow you change the setting, it jumps back to default as soon as you click "Apply". Is it sort of dummy page for show off?

Not sure, why Coolbits is enabled for 6150 when it does not work.

Another thing is that powermizer sets performance level to max. Even after the smart approach mentioned above it is not able to change.

My OS -> Kernel version 2.6.26 (Fedora)
Any solutions??

Temperature normally is 90 - 100 C on my system (idle / busy no matter what) but since threshold is 130 C I guess it will hold up for a couple of months before turning to pure ash
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