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Default Re: Decide the fate of my new GTX280...

I just never really beleived in AA.

Allways have viewed it as more of a gimmick than a corrective feature. A plugin that provides a serious drain on any card, and being the single main cause of such oversized and overpowered cards, and just masks the problem rather than fixing it directly.

There has to be a better way of implementing it... a card that is capable of producing aliasless picture without the need for anti-aliasing aditional hardware instructions.

I'm not sure how it would work, but I'm sure it could be done.


Now that I think of it... the 4870x2 is the perfect reason why a better form of aliasless-picture needs to implemented.

I've read a few articles out there that state the 4870x2 was designed, exclusively, to tackle AA, and not framerates themselves. This leads me to beleive the card is as hefty and power hugnry as it is, not for framerate, but to compensate for the serious drain from AA for their "enhanced" AA options on the card. I've been doing some more reasearch on the card that states you don't buy the card for the FPS gain (as it was stated that would be absurd, much faster than what you really need for increasing FPS), but to run high levels of AA for all of the AA fanatics out there. To buy it purely for the FPS is a waste of cash if your not using hi-res and AA.

It sounds logical, so that alone helped rest my mind a bit. I dont use AA and I dont have a extreme hi-res monitor. I dont plan to for another couple of years, or until my current moinotr explodes in my face, which ever comes first
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