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Default Long thread....

After reading through this entire thread I have noticed some consistencies with people with these flickering and rolling lines and noise from the video card voltage reg circuitry.......I have noticed that most (not all) people who have these or similar problems have a combination of 1. Enermax power supplies 2. eVGA video cards 3. MSI video cards 4. Asus video cards 5. PNY video cards. A few other notable exceptions like Gainward and Leadtec but for the most part the common thread seems to be Enermax power supplies (although I did see one where my chosen PS was also involved ...Antec TruPower 430W.) I have read this thread with interest as I am soon to purchase and build a new PC with a Gainward FX 5900 Ultra 256M. I am hoping that it is more related to the cheaper manufacturers such as the eVGA and PNY and the Enermax power supplies that are infamous for fluctuating voltage rails. I was reading to help me decide if I wanted to get the 5900 or the 9800 Pro from ATI...I am still not convinced as to which way to go. I don't think it is all Nvidia's fault or all the manufacturers fault, but I think more of the blame is on the various manufacturers for using cheaper components to cut corners than on Nvidia. I believe in "you get what you pay for" and at $400+ for a video card you should get more than what you are complaining about for sure... but I always pay more for a video card from manufacturers I know use quality components to avoid such things..(power supplies too for that matter). I don't know if it helps or not but those with these problems maybe you could try a higher QUALITY power supply (not necessarily higher wattage) with your current video card and see if it helps. I use the aforementioned Antec 430W power supply. If someone could try the Antec 430 with a Gainward 5900 Ultra 256M and post results I (and others here I am sure) would appreciate it greatly. You could assuage my fears or save me from making a costly mistake. Thanks in advance.

Just read in another thread that several others with the Gainward cards have the flicker too....hmmmmm.
Maybe it is time to go to the darkside and get the 9800 Pro 256?

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