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Default Re: Thoughts on the new Duel Spec option coming to WoW

Originally Posted by Phyre View Post
In the past, Blizzard had the stance that pure classes (rogues & mages) should do more dps because that's all they do. Now, they are saying that an equally geared & skilled shaman specced for dps and an equally geared & skilled rogue should put out the same damage. With that change and if dual specs are allowed in the future, what is the need for the pure classes?
No that's not what they are saying. They are saying that the hybrid classes and pure classes will have their dps gap narrowed, but the pure classes will still ultimately win in dps.

This is to prevent say, a guild having 2 moonkins, 2 mages, and 2 warlocks from always only taking one of the moonkins "just for the crit buff" and always leaving the other one out because his DPS isn't even close to that of the mages or the locks.

Since that dps gap is narrowed, there will be more reason to bring along the other boomkin because they won't be losing a lot of DPS by doing so.

This reduces the old problem of raiding guilds that put heavy class restrictions in place: e.g. "we need a few good rogues but we don't want anymore enhancement shamans because we already have one" and getting pissed off because they can't find the class that they want to stack is going to be a thing of the past. Stacking pure classes will still ultimately be best, but unlike in the past, having all hybrids will do. Now you can raid with the people you want to raid with rather than picking somebody else just because they happened to roll a class or only want to play a class that you can't use anymore of.
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