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Default Re: Official Brother in Arms Hells Highway thread

Well I wasn't planning on touching this game but a trusted friend said it wasn't too bad so I went ahead and picked it up. I'm a little over 50% complete. First I really like the G15 LCD support, it's pretty cool and shows mission objectives. Gameplay wise I can't say it's any different than the other BIA. suppress flank, suppress flank, fire rocket, suppress flank. I haven't had much of an issue with difficulty but the AI could be sharper. I've found I can't let the squads just follow or they're all over the place. When commanding them to move they've just run out in the open and died when a much better covered route was right in front of them. I've found it best to move them step by step to their destination. It would be nice to have a hold command or a way to direct them without line of site like in the map view of Ghost Recon. After completing a section of the map previous sections get locked off and I've had my guys get stuck behind a locked gate. Since it normally saves at this point I just reload the save and the guys load on the correct side. The level of detail is no where near the bullshots first shown but they aren't to shabby either pretty sharp and I like all the DOF. Without a good amount of AA jaggies everywhere, reminds me of the first BIA. I've been playing @ 1600x1200 forcing 4xAA 16AF in the CP and see about a 30fps average, anything higher and I dip down below 20fps. W/O AA I see about 60fps. Both my cores hover around 90-95%. Overall not a bad game, much better than expected and I'm glad I picked it up.

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