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Default Battlefield 1942 & vid card upgrade

Ok, here's the deal.

I've got a P3 800, 512mb sdram (aka slow down ram), and a geforce2 gts. I've played the mulitplayer demo quite a bit, and although the performance I was getting was about what I expected. I had pretty much all settings turned down to the lowest. Most of the time, I sit in the 20's-30's, but sometimes I get down into the teens, even single digits.

Upgrading the cpu/mobo is out of the question right now; I have a Dell which uses a not quite standard power connector so that means i'd need a new case, new ram, etc = too much money.

One of my friends has a GF3 (not sure if its a Ti 2/500 or original recipe) that he doesn't use. Based on all that, if I could get the gf3 for like $50, would it be worth whatever increase I get?

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