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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

You're not giving the game enough time Ninja. You're just more comfortable in WoW and that's understandable. I might go back to play it some with some friends when 3.0 launches.

Anyways as far as Warhammer goes, the turret damage is laughable. Turrets are always lower rank than the Engineer and IMO they are next to worthless. Engineers and I believe Magus are just jokes in RvR. The single target damage is a joke and I gave up on my Engineer until they get some love. I was getting owned by most classes even if they were a level or 2 below me. I've never felt more useless in an MMO than when playing this class. While it's a fun playstyle and decent in PvE, the game is based around RvR where all classes should be able to hold their own ground.

I'd even get a jump on the fight and have my Flame Turret down first, fire a gun blast, then apply 4 DOTs and attempt to kite. Healers out heal the slow damage and DOTs give no push-back or interrupts. Tanks just have enough health and damage that I can't barely phase them. On that note, I rolled an Ironbreaker and am having fun again.
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