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Default Re: Warhammer Patch 1.02 - time to reroll an underdog (Order)

alliance and horde are not a difference in classes. They used to have the pali/shaman monopolies but no more. Aside from ratial incentives (in which each side has a number of good pvp ones), they are the same class wise (edit: what im trying to get at is numbers make little difference, especialy now when pvp happens in battle grounds and arena. WotlK should be very interesting to watch, because while it will reveal if lopsided population will be a flaw, the fact that passerbys will not beable to see the pvp action unless they opt to perticipate in it will lessen the chance that one faction will get steamrolled by a zerg effect of onlookers who just happen to be in the area watching and jump in).

Warhammer is different, its classes are different all over. Something that is a HUGE nightmare to balance (ask the devs at planetside). If there is an aspect of the game I worry about it is this one. Simply balancing the fact that one realms healers is better at something different then anothers, is that one of the sides advantage will be more beneficial in pvp.

WoW PvP realms also usualy fix themselves by people seeking more to fight by joining the minority because its easier to find someone leveling up to pick a fight with.
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