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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

I like the game so far despite seeing many bugs, exploits. But overall I think it is a nice change to finally have a game that promotes PvP over everything else. I'm still Tier 2 (dinged to 17 last night), but the SC's pop enough that I barely get 1-2 quests in. There are some SC's I just avoid since people don't know how to play them (CTF for example).

I like Mourkain Temple (artifact SC), it pops often and the scores can change so quickly when you get someone good w/the artifact. I also like that even if the enemy turtles w/the artifact you can still win just by absolutely destroying them. Had a 200-450 game going then me & 2 other SHs focus fired healers down and one of our Black Orcs grabbed the artifact. We wound up winning the map 500-489, that was awesome.

I'd say my biggest complaint is class balance and the fact that no Rally Masters exist with Flight Points! I feel much more confident in the balance issues considering that WAR doesn't have to worry about balancing mastery's in PvE.
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