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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey Nils

Thanks for dropping by real nice to see you here

I was gonna get around to posting that repaint over at SOH and suggest that ppl have a play with the pannel config,as i couldnt find any internal shots of N158BC i decide to stick with the medi vac version due to the medi markings on the rear foils

Im gonna be throwing up the versions of the water normals in that video over the weekend,they'll still be a beta release but there a little cleaner than the last set

Im really looking forward to the next version of FSWC because once thats out i can control the scale of each normal so we wont need massive 4096x4096 textures to get detailed waves as the default scaling is pretty massive (i posted a few shots at the FSWC site that show what its like)they need to be that big to get any small details in

Its been a while since i posted a non repaint or tweak shot so how about some FSX tallscreen action

Btw My AUVcoast guard EC-135 pack should be uploaded to RS/ this weekend,its 5 diffrent regged paints based on my yellow/purple AVCG repaint but with diffrent markings based upon the locations of the bases around the OZ south and east coasts

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