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Default Re: Warhammer Patch 1.02 - time to reroll an underdog (Order)

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
The so called 'class mechanics' are slightly different and the classes use different ability names, but the core mechanics are very generic and similar across the board.
Generally class mechanics carry right over from faction to faction equivalents, but the tanks are the only things that are a little skewed. The Ironbreaker is entirely unmatched in pure tanking ability, damage mitigation and crowd control.

Ironbreaker = It's own league of tanking.

Swordmaster = Black Orc (abilities combo off of stances, sword master is a little squishier than borcs, but have a higher threshold for DPS via greatweapons)

Swordmaster = Chosen (chosen special abilities are their AOE debuff auras, but both SM and chosen rely heavily on magical damage based attacks, both are more offense oriented)

Originally Posted by Jeffmd
Adding xp incentives to play an underdog instead of fixing the reason why people don't play it (ie its not powerful enough or its not fun) is one sign of a game on its way to failure.
Ahah hahahahahahaha. Someone hasn't played the game yet.
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