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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Couple of things...

-Takes a bit long to log in.
-Accepting the eula everytime is kinda retarded.
-Mail System mechanics are kinda sluggish. To the point where I don't even bother auctioning green stuff any more becasue I hate checking the mail.
-Auction System is kinda blah.
-Not enough Flight Paths?
-For a MMO, there's hardley any communication(non guilded granted), even in scenerios. At least on my server.
-The only reason I'm reminded I'm playing a MMO is the WALL of blue text from spam. :/
-Character mechanics seem a little sluggish. Or maybe the timing is off?
-Lack of PVE may be catching up becasue I find scenerios starting to get boring(at lvl 20).
-I've yet to see any city sieging, back to the poor chat system? Hard to assemble a battle, I dunno?
-Game performance not as smooth as it should be(maybe my fault from settings?). Seems like the CPU is cranking tho.
-No official forums
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