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Default Re: Decide the fate of my new GTX280...

Is it not incorrect to think of a possible gx2 version of the gtx200 series to come out?

Nvidia isn't one to really rest on its laurels...

I think the 4870x2 was more a sucker punch blow nvidia just wasnt expecting at the time, though you must admit.... the gtx280 itselfs packs quite a whopping punch for a single GPU.... look at what it takes to beat it.... (2) weaker ATI GPU's.

Would I be incorrect saying that the GTX280 GPU is probably equal to 75% of the combined power of the 2 GPU's on the 4870x2? as in, it not only as powerful as the first GPU on the x2, but 75% of the second, leaving it equal to a 4870 with lets say, 1.75 gpu's?

I have to throw in the probability that the GTX280 has been out for nearly 4 months now, and Nvidia is due for a refresh.

Here's what I like about my GTX280 that is keeping me on this side of thin ice....

1. In the resolution I play at... both cards run nearly the same. My card for $75 to $100 less.
2. I do not plan on getting a newer monitor until my expldoes in my face, or until i see something really worthwhile.
3. This card can still handle AA fairly well
4. this card can still play higher res at extremely likeable framerates if i needed it to
5. It has a lifetime warranty
6. Its produced by a better manufacturer (BFG manufacturing FTW)
7. It can do physx (without any drag on the card)
8. It has potential for some pretty slick CUDA apps and possible potential for CUDA game instructions
9. It's drivers are undeniably far better than that of ATI
10. It doesn't suffer from common issues with dual-gpu single PCB cards, and has a longer life expectancy of the card itself.
11. I can trade it in at near full purchase price within 100 days for the latest card
12. Far better power consumption and less heating strain on the card than multi-gpu cards.
13. As I play many older games as well as new, I get the full potential of my card, as with some older games that did not support multigpu, you would only get half the potential of a multi-gpu card
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