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Default Re: Why did NVIDIA skip the revision of Direct X 10.01 on their 9800 GTX/GX2/GTX 260/

Originally Posted by JH24 View Post
Are there currently any games out which make use of DX 10.1?
Assasin's Creed does and gets a nice speed bump from SM4.1.

Honestly, there is no need to worry about the SM4.1, it's the same as Pixel shader models 1.4 and 3_A/B were some years ago.
Shader Model 5 is the next thing and both Ati and Nvidia have already released some papers describing the tech for programmers.

The next generation of cards should be here within a year, finally.
Originally Posted by Digital_Trans View Post
I was just assuming that NVIDIA would have already added Direct X 10.01 revision to their flagship products like with the NVIDIA 260/280 lineup. Windows 7 could end up being delayed again like with Windows Vista. Direct X 11 might not even surface until late 2010 or 2011 And if it's anything like it was from Direct X 9c to Direct X 10 then it's nothing more then marketing hype. I don't think anyone was that impressed with Direct X 10 when it came out. The only thing I think looked cool in direct x 10 was the water effects in Bios Shock.
Considering that nvidia has never upgraded shader model for their speedbump products, I hardly see any reason why they would have done so now, after all 260/280 were what Geforce4 was for Geforce3. (all current chips are still 'G8x based'.)
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