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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

20 in 2 days (play-time or real-time?) is pretty darn good. But it will get harder, the game is focused on PvP that is why the exp gains in PvP are so much greater then questing. While the game shares some aspects of WoW, it is not WoW.

Tier 1 didn't pop 1/2 as much as Tier 2, I suspect I am probably in the "sweet spot" as far as general server ranks. I fully expect that to decline once I hit Tier 3 as I do level faster then most.

I found another issue with the game last night. Many of my Tier 2 quests have started to "merge" with the PQ kill quests. The problem with this is that once the kill quest portion of the PQ is completed they usually despawn all the mobs that you needed for your regular quest and then spawn champions or heroes. So then I gotta wait 6-10mins for it the fail (if someone isn't doing it.
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