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Default Re: Official Brother in Arms Hells Highway thread

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that is not possible, even with slighty higher clocks on E8500.

unless what ever program you were using was not optimized for Quad core.
Its possible and it happens. Using ConvertX to DVD which is quad core compatible, the E8500 is as fast, slightly faster. Just because an application is multi core compatible doesn't mean its going to load all 4 cores to 100%. Its load balancing across them. with enough frequency on 2 cores it can beat 4 cores. Also, the Wolfdales have 6MB cache per core Q6600 have 2MB per core - so the cache may play a part as well.

3.8 -> 4.5 aren't slightly higher clocks 700Mhz per core is alot more than "slightly higher"
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