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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey gang - I need to get my Eurocopter back in FSX so I can grab this repaint of Steve' look fantastic, great job! That water is looking tasty too, and I love the ‘portrait’ shot.

I've just changed my card - a sideways move, but I just wanted the cheapest route to get 1gb of VRAM, as I was having loads of issues with saturating the frame buffer, which is the trouble when you run all these HD textures, as well as high-load scenery areas, such as VFR London and YMML. So I grabbed a 9800GT 1Gb for £100 to replace the 512MB 8800GT, and although it’s basically the same card, it allows me to use whatever textures I want, with 8xS AA and 16xAF and not get the major issues that crop up when the VRAM runs out.

I only tend to use FSX at the moment, though I am working my way through Warhead, and have to odd blast on UT3, so it wasn’t a game performance-enhancing move, though strangely UT3 now uses almost 800Mb of VRAM, and performance is far higher than it was with the 8800.

I was looking at the 4750's, but the 1gb models were just a bit more than I could afford right now, though I'm sure this will do me until I can afford a full upgrade sometime next year.

Hope your new 260 does the business for you Silly – and those shots you asked about at orbx were taken around Kununuarra…I have been on my hols, so sorry I missed the question.
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