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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
This isn't exactly true. See, I play a druid in wow, namely I play a restokin build while doing pvp. Healing in wow is just like tanking, especially as a restokin or all out resto druid. Believe me when I say that in pvp, healing draws tons of agro. And NOTHING can kill me, but I can dot the crap out of anything and kite it til its dead.

Srsly I go around stormwind ganking flagged people by myself, and when I get like 8 people ganging up on me I just hop into the canals until I lose them. If I can't lose them I run into the stockades. I never die.

I know. All of this is exactly why you hate druids
I was just teasing on the druid comment but the rest is exactly true. In war if you are a tank you are extremely useful in PVP and RvR. This is not true in WoW. If you go into a BG speced' as a tank you are useless. Druids are the exception because they are the only true bosses in WoW. It's true. I saw a video of a druid walk up to the gates of the black temple. He yelled out "please to be giving me your loots". Then Illidan him self came out with his hat in his hand, apologized to the druid and gave him all teh epix. The druid then shape shifted into cat form and ran away jumping a lolzing.
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