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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

So I've got DX10 mode working pretty solidly now. You just need to disable post processing effects and specular highlights. I'm set to 8XAA and Dx10 mode and played this way for several hours in a row yesterday without one crash.

One problem I'm having is that when I zone, I usually get some flashing textures. A quick ALT-ENTER twice fixes it though. I've tried the Cat 8.9, 8.10RC2 and the newer 8.541 drivers thate were posted on Rage3D and they all have the flashing textures problem. I'm not sure if it's Turbine or ATI's problem.

As far as the expansion goes, since I'm only up to level 16 and my trial account is JUST ending today and I bought the full game off of gogamer for $6.70 to let me play another month, I'll hold off on buying it. However, I'm wondering if you guys know if it will provide anything cool for those under Level 50 or should I just wait to pick it up until I hit 50? If this game experience is anything like WoW was for me, I'm sure it'll take me a year to come close to 50 anyway...
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