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Default Re: PCI-E x16 running at x1 on new GTX 280

Nope, I didn't stay lucky, just restarted and got the three beeps plus one of VGA not detected. Then one beep when it did detect it and once in windows GPU-Z showed x16 @ x1.

I actually felt a bit sick.

Thankfully after changing a few random settings in the bios and restarting for the fifth time it was back at x16.
I had turned PCI latency time to '128', Allocate IRQ to 'no' (however I changed them back afterwards and still x16) and also turned my memory timings back to Auto (from 4,4,4,12) with all other settings to auto. However it was running at x16 before with the non-auto setting before so it all seems a bit strange.

The only vaguely logical thing I can think of is some PSU problem with strangely fluctuating power to the pci-e, as all the other cases of x16@x1 (that I have googled lately) seem to have nothing else in common; different components, oc'ed/not etc. Also my old 8800 GTS 320 works fine and the main difference as far as the whole systems is concerned is the lower power consumption.

If that is the case i'll be a bit annoyed as I bought a brand new corsair HX620 for this GTX (which incidentally has exhibited an occasional high pitch whining noise). I could try my old tagan 420W psu if it happens again but I suspect it is quite underpowered.
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