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Default working on website, IE and Firefox doing things differently

I'm making a website for my ROTC at my college and I'm using CSS. I have a menu bar on the left and a content section on the right. They are in two separate div's and i'm trying to get them to match up at the bottom.

the menu div stops halfway because the menu doesn't go down all the way. so i set the height to a percentage to try and match up with the content section. (or exact height they're both screwed up)

so here's the two images:


as you can see there's a difference and I can't figure out how to make them match.

any ideas?

EDIT: View it in firefox and then IE and see the huge difference. I usually just throw everything in tables and it works perfectly. guaranteed. no questions asked, no matter what browser. But I used div's this time because they're supposedly so much better and it's just working great so far as you can tell. I really see the reason to switch over...
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