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Default XVideo ext -> image shearing/corruption

I'm using the 1.0.4496 drivers, and still having an annoying problem: when using XVideo extension for display in most programs that support it, like xine, mplayer, etc, the image is corrupted: it looks like the image is somewhat sheared, or rather every other lines of the image is shifted a small but significant amount, making it unwatchable. I've realized though that this occurs only once the window occupies a certain amount of area (or is it past a certain width?); small windows do not display this problem, but fullscreen views always do. In fact, it is hard to pintpoint EXACTLY at which point this starts happening, as well as what factors cause a greater effect. I've noticed that if I drop down the resolution using Ctrl+Alt+"grey +", and start shifting the viewport, the effect occurrs if the window fills the screen, but disappears once one of the window borders becomes visible. Very odd.

Has anyone seen this and found the cause?


driver: 1.0.4496
distro: Debian unstable
Model: GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
Video BIOS:
Processor: P4 2.4GHz
mobo: ASUS P4S8X
display: ViewSonic VX900 (LCD, connected using digital port, not VGA, 1280x1024)
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