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Default Re: Might Have Just Got a GTX 260 SC(216) For $119

I'll only be pissed if they send the MB. If they cancel my order due to their mistake, it won't be that much of an issue. I'll just not have the $125 in my checking account, no biggie. But people are saying that this went on for 8 hours, even the picture switched from the 260 to the 680i board very beifly so someone at TD was aware. People got photos so maybe the threat of fraud due to bait and switch will make them eat this and give people their 260. Bait & Switch is a no no.

The issue though was people were buy 3-5 260 units. So even if they limit it to one I'm sure most people won't complain. It would probably reduce their orded by 2/3's
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