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Default Re: Might Have Just Got a GTX 260 SC(216) For $119

OH ****....WE'RE GETTING MOTHERBOARDS. look what i just got 4 minutes ago:

this is NOT gonna end pretty i can tell you that much...

Yeah I just called TigerDirect and I asked the guy why I had received a 680i Tracking Number, but an EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 confirmation email from both Amazon and Tiger. The guy said he had no idea, and he looked up my order and said I bought a 680i. So he basically told me to just speak with an Amazon customer service representative about it. Any ideas before the flame wars begin across 5 separate forums?

*edit *check this out:

zeplar at [H]ardForum wrote:

Got the same Ship Confirmation email with the mobo. Called and was told that they're requesting UPS Delivery Intercept returns, so at least we won't have to worry about returning it. They said they've already received a bunch of calls about it.
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