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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Originally Posted by killahsin View Post
the reason your dying is they ahve 2 dots. one is area based u have to move out of itys radius. the other is movement focus based where u have to stand still to take less damage. understanding the skills your being owned by helps alot. the other thing is their curses cant be dispelled.
No, the reason you die is they are over powered. They have the highest direct damage spells and they get a spell that ticks for more if you move? Friking stupid. This class blows every other class out of the water in damage. If a class it a little over powered, I don't mind but Bright Wizards are just silly. They need to tone them down.

Here are some more complaints.

Order constantly leaves SCs they can't win. it screws everyone when people run away like that.

Order constantly turtles on CTF maps. I won't go into CTF maps because of this.
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